Introducing Humax Auto Electronics Biz

Business Areas

Humax has been supplying vehicle infotainment systems that provide driving enjoyment to global automakers. In addition to our key infotainment business, we strive to develop integrated systems that provide driving convenience and safety, including ADAS, Telematics, etc.

Infotainment (Radio & Navigation)

Based on price competitiveness and high quality, Humax is supplying global automakers, including GM, Renault and Nissan, with products ranging from AM/FM radios to display audio and navigation systems customized based on customer requirements.

Smartphone Connectivity

Humax provides technologies, such as Apple Carplay, Google Android Auto, Baidu Carlife, OnCar, etc. so that smartphone features, such as voice recognition, messaging, and navigation can be conveniently used through the vehicle head unit.

ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System)

Humax supplies various equipment that facilitate drivers to drive safely by integrating 4ch & 2ch AVM, Radar Module, Camera Sensor features with the Head Unit.

Telematics Service

Based on our current Head Unit products, we aim to integrate telecommunication modules to enhance driver convenience services and provide telematics services, including safety services such as eCall.

Business Status

Humax has achieved continuous growth through business cooperation with global automakers.

Partnerships with Global Automakers

Our infotainment systems are being equipped in various models within North America’s largest automaker GM and GM Global, France and Japan’s leading automakers Renault and Nissan. We are also supplying infotainment systems automakers within emerging markets through India’s M&M and Maruti Suzuki and China’s Borgward. At the same time, we are supplying our systems to Hyundai Motor for sales in various regions, such as Australia, South America and Middle East.

Domestically, we are supplying radio and AVN systems to GM Korea, Renault Samsung and Ssangyong Motors while also cooperating with other global automakers on various projects.

Research & Development

Through outstanding R&D personnel, continuous investments, and close R&D networks with suppliers, Humax is acquiring and developing various core technologies within the Infotainment and Automotive Electronics Systems sectors.


R & D

R&D-centered Organization

To respond to customer needs, Humax pursues continuous innovations to our R&D processes. We place utmost focus on acquiring and maintaining outstanding R&D personnel. Humax has experience in developing various Tuner chip solutions and CPU based applications. Through platform commonalization, we currently produce more than 2 million units annually.